I have a dog, and he’s the best man I’ve ever had in my life.

His name is Gus.

That wasn’t his first name. When Gus wandered into our yard in May 2011 he had every name – from Dingo, Brown Dog and Ralph to Facebook Dog and SamCarZee.

Gus was neutered and trained, beyond lovable – desperate for it, previous owners MIA… He was ours.

Gus is loyal, supportive in my career – even moving to Maryland, forced to live indoors (he’s more an outdoor fellow). Gus never talks down to me. He is supportive, sensitive to my moods and ALWAYS happy to see me.

Gus asks for little and gives everything. He loves my girls as his own. They are. He endures ridiculous baby talk and girly accessories.

Gus defends, yet trusts me to tell him who’s okay even when I’m probably wrong. Gus loves me just the way I am. Mistakes, shortcomings and all.

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