Death. It’s inevitable.

There are two schools of thought on what’s easier to deal with when it comes to handling death.

A slow death gives you time to prepare, emotionally and logistically. While a fast death means no preparation, but also no agonizing beforehand.

When it comes to the death of a loved one this is difficult because you want to spend as much time with that person as possible but you don’t want them to linger in pain. Still, it’s nice to know you had time to say your goodbyes and make sure all the words were said.

But that’s people.

There’s another kind of death. Heart death.

And when it comes to heart death, a fast death is the ticket. Dragging your heart back out everyday to die that death again is torture. Make it fast, numb. Make it where the heart has no choice but to move on from whatever killed it. Because a heart death can only happen so many times before it just stops for good.

(Today’s blog comes from Lindsay’s DARK SIDE. Lindsay’s DARK SIDE does not come out to play very often, so those of you who enjoy the DARK SIDE should enjoy this while it lasts.)

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